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Not everyone has assignments on the French Riviera!  Thanks to Will Ripley for this terrific footograph!


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Why Feet In Famous Places?

College Professor David Smith of Bemidji, Minnesota was passing through Minneapolis one day and stumbled upon a Twins baseball game. Being a huge fan of America's passtime, Dave stopped to enjoy a day at the ballpark. It was only after he was settled comfortably into his seat along the first base line that he realized it was Senior Citizen Day. While barely a senior citizen, Dave was quick to take advantage of the offer extended to all seniors to go down on the field and walk the bases after the game. As he was approaching first base, Dave realized it was going to be difficult to prove to anyone that he actually was on the field of a major league ballpark. It all became clear once he reached the base, however, what he needed to do. He saw the Major League Baseball logo right there - actually on the base. So, he put his foot down on the base and took a picture. And thus was born, Feet In Famous Places. Of course, it took the warped sense of adventure of his brothers Tim and Steve, his son Jason, his nephew Brandon, his sister-in-law Nora and a number of other people to actually get things rolling. Youngest brother Tim (not even close to being a senior citizen) obtained the domain name and began learning how to build a website. And here we are.

Dave's foot on first base at the Metrodome

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